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"The Royal Inn"
Places of Interest in Albany/Clinton Co.


***Here is just a sampling of the type of places that are to be found off the beaten path in the Albany area.  There are hundreds of similar places and views in the area.  Let us help you find out more about this beautiful, relaxed and scenic area!***
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    The Hopkins One Room Rural School, was founded in 1888 and rebuilt in 1912.  This was a typical school in thousands of small communities for several past generations.
    For a free tour, contact the Clinton Co. School Superintendent's office.

Hopkins One Room School

    The homestead and old fashioned grist mill of Sgt. Alvin C. York, the most decorated soilder of WWI, is just a few miles from Albany!

Sgt. York's Grist Mill

    Log cabins were the "mansions" in our early history.  Albany/Clinton Co. features several log home's that are still lived in that are over 100 yrs. old as well as newer versions.

One Room Log Cabin

    Albany/Clinton Co. is centered in an area that is very diverse in geography.  To the East are very beautiful mountain ridges that make for a gorgeous skyline at any time of day.  On the West is the steep almost canyonlike ridges and small creeks carved out by the Cumberland River.  To the North and South are two of the most beautiful lakes to be found anywhere.  The relaxed atomsphere of the countryside and the beauty of the lakes and mountains beckon us to stop and enjoy.

Cumberland Mountains

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